A Professor’s New Mission

Surprisingly, I spent my Sabbath evening with a professor of the department of microbiology DNA immunology of one of the most well-known universities in Lebanon (Middle East). It turned out this the professor used to be a Muslim and he decided to become an atheist due to circumstances that he did not feel like sharing. It just took him a few minutes to really reflect his knowledge of religions and geopolitical decisions going-on all over the world. However, what turned out to be more than interesting is the “great conspiracy” that he told us about. Indeed, The professor was referring to historical events from the time of Jesus-Christ till now to put the light on the great conspiracy that is going on against Christians, more specifically in the Middle East. I do not want to go into details of what he said for different reasons. However, what interested me the most was that a former Muslim, who became an atheist, who is actually a professor who worked in many important hospitals and universities in Lebanon and France could refer to approximately the same historical events mentioned in the Great Controversy (EGW) and connect it to actual events, without even having read any book from Ellen G White.

Today, the professor is working in close collaboration with really influential people all over the world, like the nephew of Gandhi and different institutions to open a university (for graduates) to teach how to deal with conflicts, negotiations and more importantly to teach about human rights.

One of my questions for him was “what brought you from the medical field to this new adventure?”

Well his answer was straight: “I discovered and enjoyed everything I wanted to know about science, j’ai pris mon pieds. A lot can be done about human rights in this part of the world and also in other part of the world, even in the USA and Europe. The work should start somewhere.”

He is willing to use that university in collaboration with the other members of the board of trustees to be militant against violence. He is not a Christian but I am personally sure that God will have His own ways to let him find the truth. The simple fact that a professor in the medical field who brought to Lebanon the first laboratory for DNA analysis, who is sought all over the world for conferences, decided to leave everything behind him to teach about human rights and who talks about a great conspiracy by mentioning approximately everything mentioned in the Great Controversy without having even heard about it. Well, I personally think that God has a great plan for him, like He has a great plan for each one of us.

By Chad
Posted on April 13th, 2013

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